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Currently, the main regular supplement in The Times (Monday-Friday) is the "times2" features section which includes TV/Radio listings and reviews.

On the death of Lord Northcliffe in 1922, the newspaper was purchased by John Jacob Astor, who was a son of William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor of The Observer newspaper (and should not be confused with John Jacob Astor IV who died on The Titanic in 1912).Historic Newspapers have the largest archive of old Times newspapers in the world.This was largely due to its popularity as a trusted source by both government and education institutions that held past copies for their own records.The Saturday edition of the newspaper was re-launched on 24th January 2009 with the "Money" section incorporated into the main newspaper whilst the sports coverage was given its own separate section.Thus the Saturday edition currently includes "The Times Magazine", the "Playlist" magazine (TV/Radio listings and film/theatre & music reviews) plus the "Saturday Review" (arts & books), "Weekend" (body & soul, food & drink and travel) and "Sport" newspaper supplements.The Times newspaper was closed down due to an industrial dispute from 1st December 1978 until 12th November 1979 and thus no Times newspapers were printed during this period (first issue after the strike was 13th November 1979).


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