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She is my pride and joy, and her submission is the greatest gift anyone has given me and one that I cherish dearly.I take great joy in exhibiting her from time to time and sharing her with the right people.It's all about trust for us and nothing will happen on any level until we feel we have that.We want good sex and fun where all parties get something from the experience, not just someone who thinks they can rock up and shag her. Males that think it is acceptable to call her a slut etc will be treated with the contempt they deserve. For all you respectful voyeurs out there, we now have a group titled Hi everybody is anything you would like to know please send us a email Xx Don't be offended if you receive a wink from us - it just means we like the look of your profile, if you send a wink back we know there may be mutual interest & can have a chat to see where it leads ..... looking for fun with no strings attached,open to any suggestions for fun and games Fun loving couple, looking to broaden our horizons either FFM, or another couple.This platform does NOT host any content itself, we are a GATE between the censored users and the original websites we proxy.

I am not prepared to put submissive in front of anyone that I haven't chatted to for a while and feel comfortable with.

She can be a right little show off when the right time arises and enjoys playing in front of respectful people.

If you do see us on cam then please note that we don’t take well to directing from others, be it in the room, or people popping up in whispers.

If you are going to hassle submissive for meets then you clearly haven't read our profile or understand what we are after and the way we like to play things.

So please pass us by and find someone else more suitable to your requirements.


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