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We all have different privacy needs based on our personalities.

However, I probably don’t have to tell you that too much can be dangerous—especially privacy with someone of the opposite sex.

Most likely—and hopefully—your answer is a firm, “No!

” But if I were to ask if you regularly texted with the opposite sex, the answer may not be the same.

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Unfortunately, there is a false sense of security that exists in cell-phone text messaging: It almost always feels as though the words sent and received in a text will not venture into dangerous open waters. There is no shallow end to stand on or wall to grab onto.There are many who respect their spouses completely, stewarding well their texts, never venturing into discussing feelings or sex with the opposite sex in a text.But I think the slope is too slippery to ignore; these individuals walk it like a tightrope, sometimes without even knowing it. The culprit is the heart of the person text messaging.However, talking about sex and feelings with the opposite sex through texts can quickly detach a married person from his or her spouse emotionally and sexually in the real world.Let’s be honest: Many married men and married women text the opposite sex without ever falling into this trap.It’s this truth we must listen to and, apply guidelines in our marriage for communicating with the opposite sex, in an effort fully to respect them and our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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