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It’s not hard to date because you’re a female fighter, anymore than it’s just hard to date in general lol.The dilemma essentially comes from dating because being a fighter is a way of life.The other thing is that you’re going to train with mostly men. It’s just that the reasons are going to be a lot more sexist than a man would ever hear.They’re almost always going to be stronger and faster. If you can tune out all the voices, EVEN the ones that come from family and friends (which will be the ones that will try to hamper your dreams the most), then you’ll be alright.

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And then you have your girl or guy asking you if you want to go dancing? You’re mad because I have to train until 11 at night? Lol but that’s what usually happens to guy fighters though. While training for one fight I was dating a few people, and the ones who bothered me the most were the ones who didn’t understand that I didn’t want to hang out after fighter training.

Because you’re going to fail OVER and OVER again until you succeed. Well you can’t find a new husband but you can find a new boyfriend.

But as a woman you’re going to face several things that a man never will. As for reassuring a guy, it might stem from jealousy so just make sure that you let your guy know it’s always going to be him. lol In the end, people are always going to try to talk you out of doing a violent sport, and especially when you’re a woman.

Now, if you want to be a Professional MMA fighter or BJJ superstar, then you obviously want to go where the big names and the medals are.

To be a World Class fighter you need a World Class teacher. You want to be at a place that is the right fit for you.


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