Write compelling dating profile

Obviously everyone chooses their most flattering shots, so make sure you have a couple up there that show you in your best light.But please, ensure that you’re of the same ballpark age, weight and have the roughly the same amount of teeth as in your picture. Spelling mistakes are like walking out with a stain on your clothes. So make sure your profile is not marred by typos and poor grammar.“Powerful Online Dating Profiles” Guide is a collection of 12 actual, unedited, online dating profiles and one extra bonus profile #13 that we selected after carefully reviewing many hundreds of profiles on Ok Cupid, Match and similar sites.These profiles are meant to inspire you to write more creatively and more boldly and to come up with your own writing style and content that will reflect who you are in a way that would make woman think “I really want to meet this guy” before you even start communicating with her. Giving snide answers when the first thing someone asks is “what do you do?Below is a sample from one of the 13 profiles included in this guide: About Me:…What happens when a restless person finds stability? ” I am a zoo keeper specializing in gorilla management. Actually, I am an administrative assistant at a book distributor.We found those profiles to be well written, and exceptionally attractive and compelling.

But you’re not a boutique on Portobello Road, you’re a human being, so I’ll dispense with the hogwash allegories and get down to the nitty gritty.

Now you can ask me what a book distributor does instead of asking me what I do. My favorite things to do with my life are spending time in parks or living rooms with good company, making things with paint or hot glue or on the internet, exploring outside places, appreciating live music since I don’t make it very well myself (sometimes I try)….

This is an example of a profile that very clearly communicates that the author is an interesting person through just a few lines.

And I don’t mean shots with you and your ex, ‘hilarious’ pictures of you on a drunken night out or extreme close ups of individual parts of your face.

People like to see your visage all in one place and in the right order, thanks.


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