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The 18 planes based in Vermont would cost over billion.

This money should be used for education, health care, renewable energy, pensions, roads, bridges and other needed public services.

The F-35, among many reasons to oppose it, is super loud, will be harmful to our communities, schools and property values, is a record-setting waste of money when we need real jobs programs, and is an aggressive instrument of war. Its noise is so high that more affordable houses in the historic neighborhood near the airport will have to be torn down.

We can stop the Pentagon’s plan to base F­35 fighter bombers at the Burlington International Airport. Its noise will disrupt learning at elementary schools located as close as 1⁄2 mile from the runway. In fact the Air Force prefers the Vermont location because our air is now so clean that this plane’s massive pollution will not degrade air quality to a dangerous level.

Kathleen Ferguson Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations – SAF-IEI 1665 Air Force Pentagon Washington, DC 20330-1665 *Required to read letters sent directly to her Letters to Ms. ] Senator Patrick Leahy (802) 863-2525 Senator Bernard Sanders (802) 862-0697 Rep.

Peter Welch (802) 652-2450 The US is already giving Israel a billion in foreign aid package with which to buy this plane; it seems that the US is ponying up in additional ways: “Part of this deal are huge offsets which includes “the U. having agreed to reciprocal purchases of equipment from Israel’s defense industries totaling between billion and billion.” This makes the Israeli F-35 the most expensive variant per aircraft because the U. taxpayer will be picking up the tab via this legal money laundering deal.” Starlifter 66-0173 was parked on the ramp at Pope AFB.

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Nicholas Germanos HQ ACC/A7PS 129 Andrews St., Suite 337 Langley AFB, VA 23665-2769 Ms. [Heads Final Decision Process – i.e., all topics count!

Of approximately 500 troops in the vicinity of the accident, 23 were killed and over 80 were injured. id=19940323-2 An F-16 crashed into an occupied area of Hengelo, Netherlands.

Fortunately there were no injures and the pilot ejected safely.

Squandering of Resources: The F­35 unconscionably squanders desperately needed resources.

Current Pentagon estimates are that the overall F­35 program will cost over 0 billion for the planes and twice that for maintenance.


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