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“I’ve been a customer of Bangkok Airways for many years because I’m impressed with the quality of their amazing services and products.” Anyway, asked whether her new job will absolutely destroy her relationship with Nadech, Yaya pointed out that their respective airlines deal with different markets, so it’s not like they’re competing for the same customers. “As to the taxes, I just want to comply with the law.Okay, but she’s pitching for so many different firms now that she must be earning a spectacular amount – and paying horrendous figures in taxes – more than almost any other Thai celebrity. I don’t know for sure how much I’ve paid but, yes, it is a lot of money since I earn a lot too.When asked about whether she was getting married to Jun soon, Mao coyly said she couldn’t comment until she talked with her agency.Finally when asked about the Jun cheating rumors on her with an actress making soft porn, Mao laughed and said that she was so surprised at how imaginative folks are with making things up.PPTV Channel is rerunning “Prisana” starring Sornram as another character Than Chai Poj Preecha, while Channel 3 Family is showing “Buddhanuphab”, which saw Sornram playing a monk 13 years ago.

Her skillful way of putting looks together may have something to do with her former career—modeling.

Along with her stylish co-star, Nadech Kugimiya, Sperbund joined Winona Ryder, Sasha Lane, Serena Williams, and Chloë Grace Moretz for Stuart Vevers’s latest collection.

Though her appearance at Coach marks one of her first forays into NYFW, Sperbund is no style rookie: Whether she’s hobnobbing with Jared Leto at Chanel Haute Couture, or sharing her latest outfit with her 4.5 million followers on Instagram, Sperbund makes the most of her fashion choices.

There you have it, as close to confirmation that Mao Jun is still on as any so far.

FOR THE first time in Thai television history, five different local channels are currently airing dramas – three of them repeats and one new – starring the same actor: 43-year-old Sornram Theappitak.


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