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So I just used silver duct tape (note: not the Duck brand tape that’s more common, since that’s not meant for actual ductwork) to seal up the second-option opening in the back.There were already wires in our wall right where they’d need to snake through to connect within the hood itself.So we didn’t need to call an electrician, I just had to pop out this metal tab with a screwdriver to create access for those wires to be pulled into the hood and connected.But thanks to a little scrap wood sandwich that I put together, I was able to screw blocks into either side of the cabinet so that the hood could be attached firmly while still being flush looking from the front.It involved taking off one cabinet door temporarily, but it was soooo worth it.

And a lot less of a cramped feeling now that our hulking microwave has been replaced.It’s the only appliance we’ve planned to replace as part of our Phase 1 kitchen makeover, since it was so front & center in the room, it crowded our stove, and we always seem to prefer range hoods over microwaves with vents when it comes to performance.So we replaced it with a stainless countertop microwave (more on that here) which we’ll eventually get “installed” into our pantry for the long haul (even into Phase 2) – we just need an outlet to be added in there so we can plug it in.We could pay to move the pipe and route it through the beam to get the duct where it needs to go but that will cost a lot of money and take more time.It can be done but it will be a headache so I’m looking at other options. The styles vary and the options on the table include an exposed hood or a hidden one with a liner and power pack combo inside a custom wood shape that we would build.One style I’m contemplating is something like this with the hood extending out at an angle beyond the side cabinets.


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