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People who report to him like to joke that they travel below the waves, away from the daily outrages that now consume the news cycle, trying to keep on task, find the next deal.Kushner will also occasionally meet here with journalists, though he stays in the deep, not speaking for the record. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump chat as White House senior advisor Jared Kushner is seen in between them, during their meeting at the King David hotel in Jerusalem on May 22, 2017.The bar to prove that someone improperly colluded with a foreign power is very high, and even the most aggressive investigators use a note of caution when speaking of Kushner’s role in the probe. “It could be naiveté, but the investigation is about finding that out.” Naiveté is no crime, but Washington’s punishment of perceived incompetence can be swift and brutal.

One of Buryakov’s handlers had tried to recruit Carter Page, who was a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign.

Instead of placing comfortable chairs for visitors before his desk, he has stuck his workspace against a wall.

That has made way for a conference table for regular meetings with the growing team of aides who report to him.

And even in that exclusive subset, Kushner occupies a place all his own, having already performed service as discreet agent and protector during the presidential campaign, and before.

The setting is new, but Kushner has been tested by public scandal before, by intense prosecutorial heat and by the fraught blending of family business and politics that now defines the Trump brand.


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