Updating flash graphics

Still, a mass exodus or firm cutoff for Flash would be easier said than done.

Despite the pressure from tech circles, the sites I spoke with said they simply weren’t able to start moving away from Flash until recently, when better technology become available.

That speaks to a larger issue, which is that many users outside of the tech bubble don’t particularly care whether they’re using Flash or not.

Bjørn Rustberggaard, cofounder of online video editing tool We Video, says he hasn’t seen a lot of requests from users to offer a Flash-free version.

Maybe they could explain why Flash is still necessary, offering a counterpoint to the resounding calls to end its existence.

Instead, most of the proprietors of Flash-reliant websites I contacted didn’t want to talk at all.

In one recent example, hackers were even able to break through the sandboxing that’s meant to minimize vulnerabilities in Google Chrome.Netflix and You Tube both work without Flash, as do Google Play Music and Rdio.Amazon also started rolling out an HTML5 player last month.These days, it is easier to browse the web Flash-free.Many sites have moved away from Flash for animations and graphics, and web browsers’ widespread adoption of digital-rights management for HTML5 has allowed major video and music sites to leave Flash Player behind.HBO, NBC, CBS, Zynga, King, Showtime, Pandora, and Spotify–all of which require Flash on their desktop sites–declined to comment.


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