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See Enrolment for more details about enrolling in courses.

Deadlines to withdraw for classroom and distance courses, with associated financial and academic consequences as applicable.

See Registration in a Certificate Program for more details.

Please note that course enrolment is unaffected by the deadline to apply for registration in a certificate program and remains open as long as there are spots available for the offering.

Fee-paying Courses for Elementary and Secondary Students (not funded by Ministry): Students may take any number of fee-based courses.

See individual courses for applicable special fees.

The report cards were sent to the email address that you provided.

Dates when enrolment is available for courses utilizing mail, online, or in-person methods.Certificate program students can continue to enrol after the Priority Enrolment period ends and during the Open Enrolment period (including the Special Saturday In-Person Enrolment).Classes fill up quickly; to avoid disappointment, early enrolment is advised.These results should be available sometime in September.To view these marks please refer to the Ministry Links below.GA Virtual School realizes that students look to online courses for a variety of reasons. For this reason, the start dates for each semester are flexible and students are given a range of time during which they can start their course.


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