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So when ICP set out to make Bizzar and Bizaar with longtime producer and chief collaborator Mike E.

Clark, the juggalos - "saluted on the albums as "the certain, chosen few" - were the first and only thing on their minds.

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Christmas has a long history and it has been celebrated by different people in many different ways.

| | | | | | Over 1,000,000 guitar, guitar pro and bass tabs! ICP never goes into the studio to repeat itself, so Bizzar and Bizaar continue the creative growth the duo has pursued ever since childhood friends J and Shaggy started slapping on the grease paint during 1991. I changed all the lyrics in the song except for the chorus." "Radio Star" finds J and Shaggy taking their shot at radio formats by trying their hand at different genres of radio music in a faux effort to get played.As producer Clark says, "It's a little more sophisticated. The tracks are better -- but still very ICP." With only a modicum of guests this time -- including ICP cohorts Twiztid and legendary Detroit rapper Esham -- the songs on Bizzar and Bizaar run the gamut from straight-up hip-hop to rocking guitar tracks and ICP's old skool horrorcore. This crop of songs has a doozy in "Let's Go All the Way," a remake of the 1986 pop hit by Sly Fox recorded with the Detroit rock band Perpetual Hype Machine. "Please Don't Hate Me" mines a sweet acoustic guitar arrangement under some typically wicked ICP lyrics that wreak a little vengeance on a particularly disrespectful hip-hop colleague."The reason it's fun is because we stopped trying to reach the mainstream audience.In other words, instead of trying to convert everybody into listening to our shit, this one's just for the juggalos out there." There are plenty of those, too.Let's make a double album, pack it full of the shit everybody loves us for, shit all the juggalos like.


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