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live at federal center i'm melanie alnwick back to you. he then drove to nearby mall and crashed car and stabbed four people at nearby restaurant.and he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. donald trump and sanders safe safering big primary victory this morning. that's outer loop of beltway between route four and richie marboro road we're hearing it has to do with large pothole. we're in low to memorial day weekend 50s tore cloud cover. 40 in denver you can see quar quarmer air new orleans 73. and we are looking generally at the same overall pattern today and with temps topping out in mid 60s. here's the up side of today's forecast i don't want to over sell it shower activity should be less numerous 2457b we had the last couple days. taking out center lane north of that points and several cars in that area blocking right shoulder and step big delays and keep caution you don't want to start your wednesday and as you head from springfield past four you hit the slow down inner we'll go ahead and switch it over for a look at the maps. pennsylvania avenue inbound upperboro row slow to do youer house road. we have ongoing issue with capitol 25 southbound because of that we're delayed belt we past 50 as you get to east capital and now northbound side of 25 jammed past robbery road you're dealing with heavy traffic loling 95 asou nearly 25% of commercial drivers failed safety and equipment up inspection and some of those violations could cost them their lives out there area other's as well.trump picked them newspaper nebraska and west virginia and bernie sanders soundly defeated hillary clinton in west virginia and meanwhile new polls in swing states show trump and clinton with margin of error d trump is walking about possible running mates. so just a few scattered showers this afternoon and nats game should first spich you this be fine at tonight and unfortunately here thursday and friday weekend looking brighter and late day shower activity saturday, saturday and sunday looks beautiful upper 60s. bob barnard live in largo with frightening findings, bob, good morning. state of emergency in effect for oklahoma after dea deadly swiingters sbept through the region there and ef three tornado touching down destroying several homes killing elderly maybe and same storm brought high winds to texas causing heavy damage to homes and business and more rain is expected throughout the region by the weekends. hey alley so and state police and other agencies corded more 400 trucks offer the beltway in prince joj kourpty they found one new four were town safe to be on the roadway here.one person died as a result of milt pl shots and there's multiple victims and they're not confirming how many and what short of condition they're in. police investigatesing a deadly shooting this in southeast washington and a man shot in the 4 thours block of wheeler road around last night and sadly he later died at the hospital.i can tell you residents along gateway boulevard disturbed by news i spoke with one residents that worked for country and was trying to get out early this morning and tells me he did not hear anything overnight or fighting or gunshots or anything like that. crime scene there is across the street with achievement prep charter score.their ow you just need to open the liness of don't say you can't do explain to them why. der same story as you make your wayu out in brandywine heading in onn five inbound branch avenue outhe by brandywine road there's a a crash.210 northbound indian head highway between swan kirk road and kirby hill road.

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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. senator jonathan said thejonath allegations if true compromise m the social network's openn culture mission. sta 54 in leonardtown a lot of clouo cover out good morning, 54 degrees for you.54 d i was just looking at front at t royal, good morning, 54 degreesr for you as well. d there will still be the t scattered showers in thered forecast. hig you're saying go for a run earle saturday morning and plan forn f movie that's exactly what i wasat i thinking.

we cruise around the fedex field parking lots and those trucks are all back on the roa road. maryland state police say they had assistance for montgomery, prince george, calvert county, police helping them out. ♪ [clap, clap, ding] president obama preparing to do what no other president has done.

they said they basically want to have the serve as a warning for truck others to do a better job to make sure that their company trucks and independen independently owned trucks meet the saferty code basically. going to the location of the bombing in japan and he will not apologize for america's use de & agents carried out a seshp of prince's home. ♪ theart of t look at part of beltway but big problems.s.

you know, it can be very v difficult because the internet e trying to crack it down -- track it d big get thing is these collegeee kids they just need to realizetr that when you're dealing withyoe the internet, you can't see whoo you're dealing with, so, you s y know, you could say you're theee president of the united states t and you're really not. that's exactly it where thehe links or taj especially for minors,or mi, they'll friend them on social s median send them a message through social media and it wilw have a link in ak the minute the child li the link it installs software on to the computer that allows thee criminal to remote access to acs that computer from anywhere inw the world and they can turn andn off the web cam. that's why it's crucial if youry child has a computer in their room or a laptop or, you know,oo even oh a tablet that they'rehee using, just get a little post ii note or sticky and put it over o that camera because often youou don't know that the software ise install on the device. our bell way not the only problem p we're dealing with.aling with.

it is.t i it i it's very hard sell and reallyea for that, wreck that age comes into social media like facebooko and such it was in their items e of service and contract contr agreement that no one under thee age of 13 is allowed to use to e their that's one way to do it, but, you know, kids are crafty andray they'll go off and do things ong their own. don't click on links orn attachments you aren't expecting much as adults here working atog this company, we've just hadt lesson in i learned some things i didn'tsg know. i mean, it's a difficultiffi learning curve but you got to dg it or you could end up a victimc it's but the clear victim here is ths person who's pictures are being exploited. typical delays on pennsylvaniani of a inbound from ritchie rchie marlboro to dowerhouse.


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