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A trust spokeswoman confirmed the woman arrested was a member of staff at the hospital.She said: 'The trust has been working closely with the police since January 2017 when a small number of saline bags appeared to have been tampered with at the Cumberland Infirmary.'The trust can confirm that a member of staff has been arrested in connection with the incident and we continue to support Cumbria Police with their investigation.'It is important for the trust to reiterate that there has been no patient harm or adverse effects related to this incident.' After two patients died in agony, and a third suffered brain damage, police were called to Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, where to the horror of staff and patients it was discovered insulin had been deliberately injected into saline transport their coal to Maryport by railway, when road transport had formerly cost them 9 shillings per waggon; Gilcrux colliery were now paying half the 7 shillings per waggon road transport had cost them.

Chua killed two people and poisoned 21 others when he injected insulin into saline bags which were unwittingly used by other nurses at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.Output from the northern coalfield increased rapidly, and with it the tonnage of coal shipped from Maryport.In 1842, the general manager of Whitehaven Collieries reported "The promoters of the Maryport & Carlisle Railway had the avowed object in view to injure Whitehaven, in which they have been successful".The considerable resources of coal, and later iron ore, carried by the railway made it especially profitable, and this was redoubled at the height of the iron and steel processing industries around Workington.Branch lines were opened to connect further collieries.Cumbria Police is now investigating after saline bags which appeared to have been tampered with were discovered by a member of staff at Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle in January.


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