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I stopped in at one greenhouse (Rosy Dawn), and was given the community greenhouse map you see below.It seems a pretty popular type of business, with nine greenhouses listed (eight in Pennsylvania and one over the border in Maryland).It feels like a fairly plain community, visually, though by one account a range of technologies are permitted here.I would have liked to have spent more time to learn more about the community firsthand, but only had a few hours on this visit.

Another chair maker I visited not too far away explained the technology used here.

Tools in the shop are powered by a line shaft arrangement (see here for photos of another such setup driven by a diesel engine).

This is considered a plainer solution than using hydraulic or pneumatic power.

Meetinghouses are no recent innovation in Somerset County. This kind of thing happened among Amish in that time period.

It typically signaled a progressive-minded community taking a turn away from an Old Order path (see .


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