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The research team has been provided with a list of more than 100 civilians who have been held captive.

Allegations of torture have been made in the majority of cases.

It is time that these are meticulously documented with perpetrators brought to justice with victims awarded compensation,” said Denis Krivosheev.The man has a hand on Vladislav’s head and is threatening him and “all others” who put Ukraine’s unity in danger with reprisals.In a subsequent video interview, Vladislav claims that he was tortured, hit with rifle butts in his back, punched and forced to write a “statement to the people of Ukraine”, and shout pro-Ukrainian nationalist slogans.In a separate case, a 16-year-old boy Vladislav Aleksandrovich was abducted after he posted video footage of earlier law enforcement operations in Mariupol on 25 June 2014.In a video published after his release on 27 June, Vladislav can be seen sitting behind a masked man in a camouflaged uniform.The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission for Ukraine has recorded 222 cases of abduction in the last three months.


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