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Line’s other e-commerce ventures have included flash sales in Thailand via official brand accounts on its messaging app, which monetizes through sticker sales, games and branded merchandise.The app, which was launched in 2011 by Japan’s Naver, announced in November that it had hit 300 million registered users worldwide and is targeting a 500 million registered user milestone next year.It is important to note, however, that those numbers reflect people who have signed up for the service, not monthly active users.

Line Mall lets vendors sell products without listing fees, though it does take a 10% cut of the final price for items that sell.

We can handle a deposit that will have more than 40 items, but we have to accept the first 40 items and then you insert the next set.

The same applies if we cash a check and need to dispense more than 40 bills.

Readymade solutions are, by far, the best medium to build a Let Go Clone app.

The technology is ideal for consumer transactions, but complex business transactions or those with many items are not recommended.


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