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PLAIN MAN'S VJ GUIDE TO CLI Icon see for miles, but there is life beyond the Workbench as Phil South explains what lies behind the screen of Wimps and pretty pictures.

¦ INTO THE SILICON Vf UNDERWORD Denise takes the stage: The chip which likes to make a display of herself has the Amiga seeing red. PROGRAMMING HARDWARE Link your Amiga to the outside world with...

V23 autodial modem Rubycomm soft ware RS232 lead IC257 inc carriage and VATI Miracle: WS4000 V2I.

V23 autodial modem Ruby comm software RS232 lead IC286 inc carriage & VATI TO FIND OUT MORE Fill in the coupon and send it to the address below.

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You'll have immediate access to ALL the facilities offered by Telecom Gold ... Telex - Link up with 96,000 telex subscribers in the UK and 1.5 million worldwide.

GURU'S HAUNT The future safety of the USA could be jeopardised by the loss of one Amiga.

Anyone know of an A2000 with 68030 upgrade going cheap?

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Clever use of the custom chips means that even a 16 coiour sprite takes oniy one biit — other programmers take four — with the processor handling one bitpiane while the biitter looks after the other three. It took a year to develop and is at its very best on the Amiga. A new centre opens in Lindon and all the latest news on the games front. 5" Discs 40 Discs 40 Capacity box £39.99 80 Discs 80 Capacity box £74.99 Quantity Pries 10. Now Sun Rize Industries has built a device with both advantages. Material should be typed or computer, printed, and preferably double-spared. |ohn Walker liked it 1 DIGITAL JL VISION There have been cheap frame grabbers and fast video digitisers. Database Publications is a division of Kuropress Ltd ISSN OUS2-SM8 Amina Computing utkoaet articles for publication. CDS provides the man of the match while the others lake an early bath "C vi DOING IT WITH STYLE Reason is a program from The Other Guys which knows that splitting infinitives is something you should try not to often do. .£84.99 Lifetime Guaranteed, double sided, double density, 135 TPI, bulk wrapped discs with labels Lifetime Guaranteed, double sided, double density, 48TPI, bulk wrapped discs with labels Quantity Price 10. Ian and Andy claim that Carrier Command is bigger than any program they plan for the future. BUSINESS “C KUMA’S J J K-ROGET The book with as much plot as a telephone directory but which no home should be without is essential for Amiga authors. TESTING TIME FOR ARIADNE SOLID GOLD SOCCER SHOOTOUT A mini Teague of five games fight it oul for the accolade of lop scorer.Jut TTT XII Tele-booking - Reserve train and theatre tickets, check flight details worldwide, or order from a vast range of products - from flowers to floppy discs.


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