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Nobody likes to think of themselves as a thief, but copying occupies a “grey area” on most peoples moral compass.They don’t for example see copying a CD as the same as mugging an old lady for her purse !Because of this, we are divorced from the act of “theft” and that’s why “hackers” or as I like to call them – “thieves” do what is termed in criminal jargon as the “heavy lifting”.They get the maps, crack them, copy them and distribute them on the Internet – so we can all use them !Lets explain one thing from the start: There is no such thing as a "free map".

if you want to try and get something for nothing - then at least read what we have to say.

A satnav is not like say a TV set, which can be turned on and off to reset its systems.

Many a “weekend wannabee” hacker has “bricked” (i.e.

See our comments on this development later in this article.

This means that the only place to get a "free map" is to "steal a map".


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