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"I welcome Frank and Melissa in their new roles on House of Cards and look forward to collaborating with them and our creative team on Season 5," Spacey said at the time.

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is based on the Michael Dobbs novel of the same name, which was previously adapted as a BBC miniseries.

The show stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Michael Kelly.

That should give us some clues as to which sides they might be on and how their characters will come into play this season. Season four ended with Frank declaring that the nation is at total war, ordering the full force of the military be used to combat terror around the world, regardless the cost, and Claire breaking the fourth wall for the first time by looking into the camera alongside her husband.

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If the scene is integral to the movie, I don't think of [it] as a nude scene, I think of it as an extension of the scene or the character. I don't think I've ever fallen for a boyfriend's friend. [Acting] fills me with great joy and it fills me with great joy to work. Most recently, you play a magazine editor who flies to Cairo to meet her husband only to fall into a brief love affair with his personal body guard in Cairo Time, by Toronto director Ruba Nadda. As a woman who's never married, how much did you relate to your character? Kevin Spacey returns as the ruthless President of the United States Frank Underwood and Robin Wright as the powerful First Lady Claire Underwood.


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