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The same day, Shinseki rescinds Phoenix VA director Sharon Helman's ,495 bonus.Helman got the bonus in April, even as agency investigators were looking into allegations at the facility.Three days later, two employees in Durham, North Carolina, are placed on leave over similar allegations.May 15 -- Shinseki testifies before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.1972 -- Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic, the subject of the book and movie, "Born on the Fouth of July," interrupts Richard Nixon's GOP presidential nomination acceptance speech, saying, according to his biography, "I'm a Vietnam veteran.

Thirty-seven tested positive for two forms of hepatitis and six tested positive for HIV.1945 -- President Harry Truman accepts the resignation of VA Administrator Frank Hines after a series of news reports detailing shoddy care in VA-run hospitals, according to a 2010 history produced by the Independent Institute.1946 -- The American Legion leads the charge seeking the ouster of VA Administrator Gen.Omar Bradley, citing an ongoing lack of facilities, troubles faced by hundreds of thousands of veterans in getting services and a proposal to limit access to services for some combat veterans, according to the 2010 history.1970s -- Veterans grow increasingly frustrated with the VA for failing to better fund treatment and assistance programs, and later to recognize exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange by troops in Vietnam as the cause for numerous medical problems among veterans.The ensuing uproar results in widespread criticism of Johnson.A few weeks later, Johnson resigns after President Richard Nixon announces an investigation into VA operations.1976 -- A General Accounting Office investigation into Denver's VA hospital finds numerous shortcomings in patient care, including veterans whose surgical dressings are rarely changed.May 5 -- Veterans groups call for Shinseki's resignation.


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